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get to know the Swede


Here we have compiled some short films to give you an idea of the Swedish way of life  - sharing some do's & dont's and showing you parts of the beauty of Sweden 

Stockholm is not a coincidence!


Charlie Caper's magic take on Stockholm from 2014!


Enjoy this hilarious video from 2013 produced by FLX Felix Herngren and Fredrik Falck.

Visit Sweden's "Close to Nature" 


Swedes love their outdoor life and spend as much time as possible in nature.

Visit Sweden's "Evening Swim"

There is nothing better than a swim during those long light warm evening summer nights!

Visit Sweden's "Meet the King" VR film


The King of the forest - such a beauty!

The Swedish National Anthem performed at the Swedish Royal Wedding between Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel on 19th of June 2010

How to survive a Swedish dinner party - be on time! Shoes on or off? When to start drinking and the tradition of "Skål"! 

By Sweden.se