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For visitors, expats, diplomats and newcomers

Our idea is to welcome you to Stockholm and Sweden and to make sure you do not miss anything while you are here. Moving to a new country with a different culture and other traditions can be quite exhausting. Our aim is to make sure you quickly adjust and feel at home in Sweden. Let us personally guide you through these first steps of your transition and explore “Sweden” together whilst avoiding all those Newcomers’ stumbling blocks! Or, just let us introduce you to “the Swedish way of life” and show you the city.


Together we explore your new surroundings, focusing on your interests. We will take you to the local super markets, speciality shops, show you where to find your nearest "house doctor" & dentist and let you sample some Swedish culinary specialities…

We customize these personal tours to suite your interests and your family’s needs. We also arrange events – so gather together a group and join a Culinary Event where you will get a sensory tour of Swedish traditions and foods! Maybe our seasonal events such as Mushroom hunting in the fall with a trip to Vaxholm?


For short time visitors or tourists

Even if you are only here for a short while - let us show you the city of Stockholm and introduce you to our Swedish culture and traditions whilst showing you some unique parts of Stockholm and its surroundings, historic places, some hidden hide-aways as well as all the "must sees"! We wish to offer you a very Swedish experience.


Thank you for contacting ToStockholm. We will respond to you shorlty

Tel:+46 733522756   Email:

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