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Swedish Punch is a liqueur made from arrack (a rum-like spirit), flavorings, and sugar. It appears in vintage cocktail recipes, but is not widely available outside of Sweden (and Finland) and can be purchased at Systembolaget (a government-owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden).


• 1.25 dl water

• 4 tablespoons sugar

• 175g dark chocolate

• 3 egg yolks

• 3 dl cream

• 0,5 dl Caloric Punch



Heat the water and add the sugar so it melts, let it boil up quickly. Put the chocolate in a blender, add the water mixture and blend - so that all the chocolate melts. Add the egg yolks and then the cream - while blending and finally the Punch.


Fill some glasses with the mixture and leave to cool in the fridge.


Decorate with some frozen berries that have soaked in Punch!

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