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Swedish Customs

Culture  & Etiquette

We arrange this corporate presentation in your office for your foreign staff. This will give them an insight into Swedish business etiquette as well as an introduction into how Swedes are in their working environment.


Some foreigners initially find negotiating with Swedes exhausting, everything needs to be discussed in fine detail and often a consensus needs to be reached (usually by many involved) before an agreement can be met. Even after an agreement has been reached there still might be some grey areas that need further discussion and meetings.

Balance between work-life is important to the Swedes and we touch upon the various mandatory benefits for employees in Sweden such as sick days, vacations days, VAB etc. Not forgetting the tradition of office "fika", coffee and bun breaks. All Swedes enjoy fika and in some offices they may be held as often as twice a day. While people in other countries may work through these short breaks, Swedes will usually not!

We end off the presentation with an introduction to some of our Swedish foods that they may find interesting and unusual.

Thank you again for the wonderful presentation. All the ladies were very enthusiastic and those who signed up and did not come, missed a lot.

Mrs F de Heer

Dutch Embassy, Stockholm

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