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Supermarket Tour & Tasting

Want to try some of Sweden's most common delights (or dislikes)? Such as:

  • Kalles Kaviar

  • Nyponsoppa

  • Blåbärskräm

  • Falukorv


This will be your introduction to some famous (or infamous) Swedish foods.

We start off with a tour of a local Supermarket - where I guide you through the more unusual Swedish products. We walk around amongst the shelves where I point out all strange and different products, we go through the different colour markings that divide the dairy products, how to decipher some of the Swedish words for staple products and also show you the Swedish basic foods - how to use them and what they are.


Back to your office or home to sample some of these products. 

Thank you again for the wonderful presentation. All the ladies were very enthusiastic and those who signed up and did not come, missed a lot.

Mrs F de Heer

Dutch Embassy, Sweden

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