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Guided Tour of Stockholm

Guided Tour Of Stockholm

You might want to arrange a guided tour for your foreign employees or visitors. Why not even for the whole staff? We can arrange these customized group tours for you. These can be for only a few hours or include longer trips outside of the city to explore other parts of Sweden.

The tour covers an introduction to Swedish history, highlights of the city, must see's of Stockholm as well as some hidden hideaways.  If you wish to include some museums, the City Hall, the Vasa museum or even other parts of Sweden, this can also be arranged.​

We can provide a car that takes up to 6 passengers. For larger groups, we arrange comfortable coaches.

I told you how impressed that I've been with your quick response to such a request that was so close to the date of the tour and terrific information prior to, all during and after; exceeding my expectations…

Mr & Mrs Kuchova

U S Embassy, Stockholm

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