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Private Orientation Tour

Welcome Tour of Stockholm

(the ultimate privately guided tour for newcomers)

Let us personally guide you through these first steps of your transition and explore “Stockholm” together while avoiding all those Newcomers’ stumbling blocks! Allow us to introduce you to “the Swedish way of life” and show you the city and some of its history.

We pick you up by car from your home and start off showing you places of interest in your area.


Together we explore your new surroundings, focusing on your interests and your family's needs. We will show you practicalities to help you with your daily life in the city such as:

  • how the health care system functions and where you can find your local doctor and dentist

  • where you can find your nearest library, parks, swimmingpools and sports facilities - focusing on your interests. 

  • take you on a tour of a local super market, so you can find your way amongst the shelves showing various typical Swedish foods and how to navigate amongst all the dairy products and other unusual produce.

  • how parking and local transportation works in the Stockholm

The tour continues in to Stockholm, where you will get a feeling of the city, some history and a guided tour of one of Stockholm's major attractions such as the Vasa museum, the City hall or one of the beautiful galleries.

Somewhere on the way we stop for a typical Swedish lunch, maybe some meatballs with lingon berries? Here we have the time to talk about our annual Swedish traditions and talk about "the Swedish way of life". We will tell you about our hidden social codes, do's and don'ts in Sweden helping you to avoid those newcomers' "faux pas".

Thank you so much for making me feel at home in Stockholm. All your information and guidance I appreciated and helped a lot to settle.

Foske De Heer

Dutch Embassy, Stockholm

First may we say how awesome you are on every level…I told you how impressed that I've been with your quick response to such a request that was so close to the date of the tour and terrific information prior to, all during and after; exceeding my expectations…

Mr & Mrs Kuchova

U S Embassy, Stockholm

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