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In Sweden we have a saying:


"Kärt barn har många namn"


A beloved child has many names - in other words, something that is very popular goes by many names. 


Here are a few of these names for our delicious buns that we eat in February. You will most probably already find them on the shelves straight after Christmas! 


  • FASTLAGSBULLE (plural Fastlagsbullar)

  • FETTISDAGSBULLE (plural Fettisdagsbullar - fat Tuesday buns)

  • SEMLA (Semlor)


The first day to eat the Semla falls on the Tuesday between Shrove Monday and Ash Wednesday.

CARDAMOM (green Cardamom)

Carda,p, is used a lot in Swedish baking. I buy Cardamom seeds and then grind them in a mixer, they can also be crushed in a mortar (this requires a strong hand) - just the smell of this is delicious. It is the world's third most expensive spice by weight after saffron and vanilla.

Why not try a sprinkling of Cardamom in your coffee?

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