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Don your party hats and join the rest of the Swedes as they devour these bright red crustaceans! No table manners here - accompanied by a lot of singing and a lot of snaps!




Ever tried fermented herring? Well here is your chance but make sure you open the tin outdoors and if it is your first time trying these northern delicacies, ask a Swede how it should be eaten.......

Watch this family in America taking on the challenge of trying "Surströmming". 

PS. The Surströmming should be eaten with proper side dishes such as potato, onion, bread etc. 

Keen on trying Surströmming? On the 3rd Thursday in August there are 2 restaurants in Stockholm serving this delicacy - book a table at Sturehof or Tennstopet...or just walk past for the "smell" of it!

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